Wedding Favours for Destination Wedding

For many women, having a beach wedding is a dream come true. Having your friends and family out there with you is the realization of an even bigger dream. But how do you ensure that your wedding is remembered by all in attendance for decades to come.

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The answer to this is to give all the right wedding favors to take home with them.

Deciding for wedding favors alone can be tough, so we went ahead and compiled a potential list for you. Here are the best ten wedding favor ideas for your destination wedding.

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Boom-Charles-2A hand fun is a thoughtful wedding favor if you’re planning a destination wedding in Thailand as the guests can always use them to cool down when the temperatures soar during the event; it is also memorable as it will remind them of the wedding anytime they use it. Having them custom made to have the picture of the couple and the name of the recipient is usually an added advantage.


yui-pek-2Handheld beach umbrellas are a kind of wedding favor that the people in attendance can find varied uses for when it comes to keeping the heat at bay. An infusion of Asian culture and the beach setting does it a perfect memorable favor. Custom made beach umbrella will set the right mood and will leave a great impact on the attendees.

Flip-flop opener

imageAnother good option to go with is the flip-flop opener. Its unique design makes it a memorable present. Getting it engraved with the names or initials of the recipients is an added advantage as it adds a personal touch to a sentimental gift. It can also double as a keychain and will always find use in the recipient’s life.

Scented candle


This particular favor has the advantage of being custom-made. With an array of aromas to choose from, and organic materials available in Thailand, this favor can be very personal and memorable.

Message in a bottle

yui-pek-24What better beach themed wedding favor to go with than the good old-fashioned message in a bottle? You can add a personal message of thanks to each of the attendees, making it more personalized. Make sure the bottles are nice looking and can serve as a decorative element in their homes later.

Beach chair picture frame


Everybody loves pictures, right? But with the digital age, we stopped printing them, and reminding your guests of some good moments together is a great idea for a wedding favour. Giving them out in pairs is even better as one can contain a photo of the couple and the other a photo of the recipient taken at the event. Though small, a picture is always worth a thousand words and this favor embodies just that.

Wine opener or wine stopper


Corkscrews are always in demand at parties and dinners, giving one to each of your guests that have been customized to match the occasion. Wine is something that brings people together, so why not giving your guests these personalized items, to make sure they remember you every time they open a bottle of good wine back home.



You can’t stay in Thailand without sunglasses, and this makes them an excellent guest favor for your destination wedding here. The frames can be customized to include details about the wedding, a corny quote on love, or even have the names or initials of the recipients. This way, they will always be cherished.

Personalized notebooks


These can be one of the most creative ways to give away as wedding favors for it has a touch of personalization. Handwritten thank-you notes for being part of the ceremony and celebrating with the newlyweds couldn’t be more personal.  The notebooks can also come with a pen engraved message or the recipient’s names. The favor can also serve as the diary of the recipient later on.

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