Post-Wedding Day Ideas

There’s a lot of effort, time and soul put into the wedding day by both couples and their wedding planners, but the wedding day itself may seem really short. There’s so much expectation about it that when the first dance, fireworks and party are over, couple starts feeling a little nostalgic, and still willing to spend time with their guests and have more fun together. This is even more true for destination weddings: when all your nearest and dearest have gathered from all over the world to celebrate a special occasion, 1 day might not be enough for the festivities.
Today we’d like to share a few ideas of post-wedding activities you can engage into after your wedding in Thailand.

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Boat trip

Having sea all around, Thailand offers a great variety of sailing day trips. This makes it an ideal destination for luxury yacht weddings. If you’d rather hold the ceremony in a more traditional venue, you can save the yachting experience for the post-wedding party. You can cruise around, chill with champagne and light snacks, or take a more adventurous approach exploring some small islands or snorkeling. For sporty and active couples, there are numerous water sports available, like water skiing, canoeing or kite-boarding.

Hangover brunch

1502490_604617796252746_1738198804_nIf you conveniently have all the guests gathered in the same area, or better, living in the same hotel or villa estate, what could be better than late hangover brunch on the post-wedding day? You can all gather by the pool, nibbling on some good snacks, and go over your favorite moments from the wedding day once again. This is a great opportunity to actually talk to all your guests and spend some quality time together, because we all know that bride and groom are very busy on the wedding day, and not always have an opportunity to greet every guest personally.

Cooking class


Food is proved to connect people on some subconscious level, and what can be more bonding than cooking? Invite your family and closest friends for a culinary master-class of Thai food, and it’s definitely going to be one of the most memorable experiences for all of you. Discovering new culture, trying new flavors, sharing the experience, — sounds great, right? Besides, Thai cooking is quite easy to master if you have all ingredients at hand, so everyone will definitely have a great time!

SPA and relaxation

source: Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa

If you feel like your prewedding and wedding already had enough partying, the day after the celebration might be a good opportunity to treat yourselves to a signature Thai SPA. After all, Thailand is very famous for its massage techniques and natural cosmetics, so why not use this opportunity and indulge yourselves? All 5-star hotels offer a wide range of treatments, starting from just 1-hour massage, up to full-day relaxation programs, including sauna, body wraps, scrubs, facials, and many more.



The island might not the best place for clothing shopping, but when it comes to souvenirs, there’s a wide range of choices here. Little things that you can bring for fun can be found in local markets, and include shaped and fragrant soaps, candles, T-shirts, etc. More exclusive items would include Thai Silk and Batik (Jim Thompson is always a good idea), spa products and natural cosmetics, pearls. Phuket Old Town area is also famous for numerous art galleries, so if you fancy bringing a nice painting that will remind your special time in Thailand, don’t hesitate to go.

Planning a wedding is not easy, so consider giving yourself a good rest on a post-wedding day. In the end, it’s important that you enjoy it to the most, rather than trying to please anyone else.

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