10 Commandments for a bride-to-be

There are literally thousands of things a bride-to-be has to prepare before her wedding day. Tons of advice are given to the future bride that sometimes they will only confuse her. However, wedding planning needs to be systematic, but fun at the same time! We have summarised the most essential things – the ten commandments for a bride-to-be.

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1.Thou shalt follow their dream

Wedding is one in a lifetime experience, and everyone should be able to follow their dreams. Although there might be limitations on several things from budget to the weather, one should not leave their dream behind. Try to be practical but stay on the right track of the wedding goal. Remember that everything can be adjusted and adapted and with enough preparation and good support from your wedding planner anything is possible.

2.Thou shalt hire a wedding planner

Achieving a dream wedding is not an easy task and having a wedding planner is incredibly useful. The wedding planner is experienced and knows exactly what needs to prioritize and which areas need more focus. This way, a future bride can save a lot of time and money, instead of stumbling around on venues and wedding suppliers.

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3.Thou shalt not freak out

It is not easy to be a perfect bride and sometimes it can be overwhelming due to a lot of pressure. That’s why managing stress and having some helping hands is crucial for a bride-to-be. Try to relax in breathing activities such as yoga or meditation – it will surely help you calm and stay sane!

4.Thou shalt not look like a different person

Everyone wants to look gorgeous on their special day, and that can lead to a disaster when it is overdone. It is important that makeup and wedding gown should reflect the bride’s personality. The makeup should highlight the beauty of the bride not erase her true beauty.

5.Thou shalt get in shape, not get skinny

Looking gorgeous in her gown is one of the most important things for the bride. Stress and desire to look better can play a cruel joke, and some brides lose weight before the wedding day. However, it is important to know that the bride should look healthy and radiant on her special day, not pale and skinny. So the focus should not be on losing weight but rather getting a firm and fit body. Sign up for yoga or dancing classes, — this will help to shake off the stress, and get more toned.

6.Thou shalt eat healthily

Like mentioned before, the bride should focus on getting in shape and eating healthy food is always the key. The easiest approach is to avoid junk food like fries and burgers as well as try to cut off sugar intake. After eliminating unhealthy diet, it is time to add a fresh and healthy meal. Fresh salad is good for the body as it has high fiber that is great for the excretory system while it has less calorie.  

7.Thou shalt take care of skin, body and hair equally

Every part of the bride’s body is equally important. That’s why skin, hair, and body should receive the same attention when it comes to preparation for the bride-to-be. So sign up for a gym, go to the spa for hair and skin treatment – treat them right and equally.

8.Thou shalt pause and rest from wedding preparation

Preparing wedding can be overwhelming and stressful so that’s why it is necessary that the bride should take a break from it all. Therefore, every day a bride should make time for herself to disconnect from all the bridal business to achieve inner peace and ready to rock for another day.

9.Thou shalt not simply follow the fashion

It is easy to get distracted and lost along the way of becoming a perfect bride due to tons of choices and options of decoration, gowns, and entertainment. Therefore, it is important that a bride should stick to the main idea and theme of her wedding and do not get lost in the midst of bridal fashion trends that might not be suitable for her style. This way will be easier for the bride to make decision of what should she choose and not get distracted by the astounding amount of fashion pieces.

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10.Thou shalt start preparing six months in advance before the wedding day

One cannot achieve a great result without working hard on it – the same goes for a bride. Being a spotless bride will surely take more than just a week or even a month. One should be preparing her mind and body at least six months in advance. This includes doing research and making a decision on what works for you, prepare body, skin and hair by getting treatment from the professionals as well as taking care of oneself by minding the diet and water intake.

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