What is the perfect wedding? Is it an impeccable combination of wedding decor? Is it a luxury venue? Is it about the number of happy wishes you hear on that day? Each couple has their own perfect wedding. However, after seeing and being an integral part of so many of these joyous celebrations as wedding planners in Thailand, we think we know the main ingredient of this happy day. And it is having the love of your love by your side.

Today we’d like to share a story of a small intimate wedding with you, which we happened to organize this September. This month is the peak of the rainy season on Phuket, however, the couple was not scared of that. With the weather forecast promising a 100% chance of rain, we decided on a marquee a week before the wedding, and it turned out to be the best decision possible.

It was raining hard on their wedding day, but Winnie and Mauro were absolutely easy about it, and kept enjoying the day to the most! Only one look at them, and you could tell how madly in love they are with each other. And with such love, does it really matter if the weather decided to be a little capricious? Besides, look at these photos under the rain — magical!

Many cultures also believe that rain on the wedding day is a symbol of good luck, bringing a couple a happy and smooth life together; it’s a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and purity. So even if the sky on your wedding day gets cloudy, don’t forget to smile and remind yourself, that true warmth and sunshine are in the eyes of your love!

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