A Look into Wedding Cakes Trend in 2016

Sweetest moment of wedding planning? Choosing your wedding cake, of course! There’re so many things to consider when deciding on a cake: starting from the flavour (of course) to the design and overall cake look. And believe it or not, but there are trends for wedding cakes too! Sophisticated and refined, or rustic and minimalistic,  — today we’re going to talk about wedding cake fashion.

Let’s focus on the main trends for upcoming 2016 that might be interesting to consider.

  1. Hand painted cake

hand-painted-cakeThis trend is very versatile, and these wedding cakes will be a perfect choice for creative couples. Loving softer tones and tender swirls of paint? Have a watercolour cake! You think calligraphy looks cool? Why not putting your favourite verse or your vows onto the wedding cake? And who said florals can not be painted on the cake surface? Get creative, play with it, and you’ll get amazing results.

  1. Naked Cake

naked-cakeNaked cakes have found their ways to our hearts in previous seasons as well, but 2016 promises to give them more prominent roles. A layered cake that shows each tier with fillings and frosting overflowing with florals and fresh fruits, — how can anyone resist this?

These cakes are popular among those who love rustic and elegant wedding style. If you find traditional cakes too sugary and artificial looking, this is definitely your choice!

  1. Textured Cake

textured-cakeIf you are the type of hopelessly romantic people, the textured cake is making its comeback specially for you. Delicate ruffles, frills and sophisticated floral details, lace embroidery, and many other options are available for your choice. This type of cake can easily incorporate many intricate patterns, allowing you to combine different styles for each tier.

If you’re more prone to something modern and unconventional, try using the geometric patterns on your wedding cake!

  1. Metallic Detailed Cake

metalllic-cakeThe eye-catching glittery frosting on the metallic wedding cake will definitely make your wedding stand out. Subtle shimmering on cake’s adornment adds the touch of noble luxury, yet not making a shouting statement. Instead of making a fully gold or silver cake, try playing with the different design for each tier, and make only one of them gold, leaving other ones in plain white, and highlight it with some gorgeous florals.

  1. Non-cake Wedding Cake

non-cake-wedding-cakeTraditional cakes are still boring for you? Let’s get wild, and forget about it whatsoever! There’re so many alternatives to traditional cake that will leave you and your guests happy and pleasantly surprised. For sweet tooth over there, there are choices of French inspired towers of macarons or profiteroles, or even doughnut tower!. If you prefer some savoury alternatives, go for cheesecake! Not the sweet bakes thing, but an actual pile of cheese assortment, — believe us, this will be a highlight of the wedding.

Whatever cake you choose, make sure it’s also in line with the overall wedding theme and design 🙂

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