Today we’re going to tell you a secret, invite you to a wedding backstage, and show you how the magic happens. Excited? We are!

We love saying that weddings are our passion, and it’s absolutely true. We love creating a personal fairy tale for each couple from scratch. Whenever we take a big wedding project, we’re anticipating the day probably as strongly as the couple does, as seeing our vision and plans to come to life is a very special thing. There’s a lot of work behind it, but the amazed and happy faces of the couple and their guests are worth it all 🙂

It all starts with gathering our client’s ideas and then enhancing them with our experience and what we have in mind. Challenging tasks boost our energy even more, that’s why we love changing the space to a completely different look. One of our latest wedding this year features a giant structure with draping and hanging floral arrangements. Look at how different the space looks!




Sometimes the wedding venue makes us get creative, and the space that you probably think is not suitable for a wedding reception, becomes a perfect setting for it. Just like in the case of Shyam and Valerie, we absolutely transformed the hotel’s lobby to host a glamorous Hollywood-style reception.



Preparation for the big day does not take just a few days or weeks. We work and carefully choose each element of the wedding, starting from draping fabrics and flowers, do wedding rehearsals, and also gather big team meetings to help everyone be on the same page.twb-meeting-4twb-prepare-3We hope you enjoyed our backstage stories and pictures, and got a little more excited about wedding planning 🙂

Want to know more about us? Check out our wedding here.

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