Beach Wedding in Thailand: How to Style and Design it?

Beach themed wedding has always attracted people with its special charm. Whether it is the sea, sand and sun that act as a natural décor or its romantic vibe, but beach wedding is getting more and more popular every year.

Thailand is one of the best places in the world for holding a beach wedding ceremony. The land of smiles has a never-ending list of perfect beaches you can choose from: Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi are among the most popular destinations.

When the location is set, the time comes to choose the concept, and this feature will help you to get more ideas on that.

Beach Wedding: Styling and Design

When thinking about beach wedding, naturally, the first thing that comes to mind, is the blue palette, so closely associated with the color of the sea and the sky. Blue and white make a wonderful navy combination while blue and aqua create brighter approach.


Other palettes that also work perfectly with the beach theme are coral, citrus, natural white and beige. Gold highlights add up to the sunshine and create a cheerful atmosphere. Blush is perfect for tender and elegant design.


If we turn our attention to material trends, raw and semi-precious stones, sea glass, driftwood, light and ethereal fabrics are on top of the list. For more casual touch but chic touch you can think of using oyster and mussel shells or corals, however, for environmental concerns, it’s better to get them artificially made.

Wedding by the Beach: Casual or Luxury?


Beach wedding can be both casual and luxury event, it all depends on how you approach the stylish. Either way, you can still enjoy the sound of the ocean and its laid-back ambiance.

For more luxurious look, a good idea can be adding a platform or stage for the ceremony area, and also using a carpet to create a walkway. In this case, the bride also does not need to worry about walking in her elegant high-heeled shoes on the sand. For guest convenience, you can prepare a basket with flip flops, so they change their shoes before stepping into the sand, — this also works as a nice wedding favour.

If you’re after more casual look, there’s much less to worry about, as nature already does its magic creating the best background for your wedding pictures. However, an experienced wedding planner will be able to suggest the best way to bring out the best of it, by introducing subtle decor elements.

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