Types of Wedding Style You Can Do in Thailand

Thailand has become a wedding destination for couples worldwide especially for those who love to travel. There are endless possibilities for any wedding ceremonies in the country. Here are some of the popular types of wedding style that take place in Thailand.


Thai Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Traditional Thai Weddings are common in Thailand as it has been performed since ages to respect the culture and heritage of Thai people. The Wedding comprises of many ceremonies and rituals. It starts with Blessing ceremony where monks are invited in odd numbers to give blessing to the couple followed by Khan Mak ceremony. In the Door ceremony the Groom offers gifts to the family members of the bride after entering each door of the house. The main ceremony includes counting the Dowry which is followed by Engagement and Thread ceremony. The last ceremony is preparing the bridal bed before the couple is sent to the room.


Indian Wedding Ceremony

Like Thai wedding Indian wedding ceremony also include many rituals and customs that take place before during and after the wedding. Wedding begins with engagement ceremony where the bride to be and groom exchange gold rings. Next comes the Sangeet ceremony which is especially conducted for bride’s family and all the family members perform the dance. After the Sangeet, there is Mehendi in which the friends and family of bride gathers and prepare her for her husband. The ceremony is hosted a day before the wedding. On the wedding day, Groom is seated on a horse followed by his friends and family members and travel from Groom’s house to the wedding scene.


Islamic Wedding

Islamic weddings are a short and simple ceremony and any person who understands Islamic traditions can conduct the ceremony. The only obligation in an Islamic wedding is a marriage contract. The marriage contract should include Meher which specifies the amount of money Groom will offer the bride. Meher can be given before the wedding in lump sum or after the wedding throughout their lives. The contract is signed in Nikah ceremony in which both Groom and Bride express their will to marry by repeating “I Accept” in Arabic three times. A chapter from Quran is read out and everybody present offers their blessing to the married couple.


Christian Wedding Ceremony

beach-weddingWeddings in Christianity are conducted by a priest under whose presence bride and groom take their marital vows. Mostly the procession takes place in a church but since Thailand has become a sort of wedding destination many Christians perform the rituals in some other places.

Before a month from the wedding, a public announcement is made in Church to receive any objections towards the marriage. The main ceremony starts with service and declaration by the couple following which a chapter is read out from Bible. Both bride and groom take vows in front of everyone and exchange rings between them. Marriage is concluded by signing in the register which also requires witnesses to issue marriage certificates.


Chinese Wedding Ceremony

chinese-wedding-twbA traditional Chinese marriage features six rituals or ceremonies. It starts with Proposal where bride and groom are introduced to both families. If the parents of both bride and groom are satisfied, birthdates are matched to determine the future of that couple. Bride price is set by the matchmaker or the family members of the couple. The groom would then send gifts to the family members of the bride. The wedding ceremony also includes many rituals like wedding processions, welcoming the bride and pay respect to Jade Emperor and deceased ancestors. Wedding Banquets features around 10 different food courses.


Destination Wedding

1044921_538575859523607_2018491595_n (1)Destination weddings in Thailand are increasing day by day, as more travelers look forward to taking vows in beautiful natural sites and will make one’s wedding look unique. Whether you wish to have a wedding in Phuket on a luxurious private villa, a beach wedding in Koh Samui, or maybe on a private nearby island wedding in Krabi, just choose a destination and your perfect ideal setting, and it can be done.

A secular wedding ceremony on a beach in Thailand is the most popular choice and is practiced by many people including both localities and foreigners. The ceremony shall be conducted as per the wish of bride and groom. The couple can also write their own marital vows. If you wish to have an unforgettable wedding, go for a beach wedding in one of the many exotic locations in Thailand.

The possibilities of one’s dream wedding are limitless in Thailand. The country possess natural beauty, professional team of wedding planners and high-end accommodation in the most affordable prices that one will never imagine. So if one is looking for impeccable wedding venues with the full options of facilities, one should not miss to consider Thailand.


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